Renault Clio Car Reviews

The Renault Clio is a small family car that has achieved much success since it was first put into production, being the only car to be elected the European Car of the Year on two separate occasions. It is also a regular in the list of Europe’s top selling cars.

Price Range: £-1 - £-1
Insurance Groups: N/A - N/A
MPG Range: N/A - N/A
Score: 4/5
Well made
Can seem expensive
Not very unique
Lacks standard equipment

Latest Renault Clio Car Reviews:

Renault Clio Expression 1.2 16v 3dr - March 2012
The new-face Renault Clio Expression is one of the most popular super minis in the UK. It is keen on the road and delivers big-car driving experience. It is an all-round car that gives satisfactory...
Renault Clio Expression 1.6 VVT 111 Auto 3dr - March 2012
The Clio is a great little car although this Expression 1.6 VVT 111 Auto model isn't the one to go for. The trim level is a little basic and the performance isn't up to much thanks to the gutless e...
Renault Clio Expression dCi 88 ECO 3dr - March 2012
The Renault Clio Expression dCi 88 ECO is a good car and should be extremely cheap to run. It also looks good, both inside and out, although the level of standard equipment is a little basic. If yo...
Renault Clio Dynamique TomTom 1.2 16v 3dr - March 2012
The Renault Clio still has good reviews and is on par with some of its more popular and expensive rivals. The 1.2 Turbo Dyamique Tom Tom is probably one of the finest Clios around as it’s comfortab...
Renault Clio Dynamique TomTom 1.6 VVT 111 Auto 3dr - February 2012
Those who are looking for a Renault Clio with an automatic gearbox will probably find that this is the best option for them, and there is no doubt that this is a very good car. However, the price ...

Renault Clio Overview

The current model offers engines ranging from a 0.9-litre petrol engine to a 1.5-litre diesel.

This is a highly competitive segment, but the Renault Clio has kept the traits that make it so popular, and enhanced certain areas to make the car more modern and to keep it competitive. A wide range of trim and engine options provide a variety of cars designed to suit a variety of budgets. The amount of space being offered is quite impressive.


The Clio was first put into production in 1990 yet was not put on sale in the UK until 1991. Soon after the Clio's trim was updated before the second phase model was launched in 1994. The phase 2 model was made to more modern and received another update in 1996 before the second generation model arrived in 1998.

The second generation model arrived in 1998 with a much more bulbous look with the engine range remaining largely the same. The second generation Clio received a facelift in 2001 which saw the Clio restyled (angled headlights) and its interior improved, another Diesel option was also added.

The third generation Clio arrived in 2005 and was first produced in 2006. The third generation Clio used the Nissan B platform and is larger than the second generation model. The third generation was voted the European Car of the Year in 2006, continuing the Clio’s already strong reputation.

The current fourth-generation Clio was revealed at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and went into production in 2013.


Renault’s Clio offers a wide range of diversity making it appealing to a wide range of buyers. It has a superb reputation and has continued to excel since it was first produced in 1990. It is one of Renaults most successful cars for a reason, and is definitely worth a look.

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