Peugeot 207 Active 1.4 HDi FAP 3dr Car Review - March 2012

List Price: £12,745
Tax Band: B
Insurance Group: 5
MPG: 67.3
CO2: 110
0-62 Mph: 16.9 secs
Range: 740 miles
CarSite Verdict:  3.25/5
The Peugeot 207 is a car that has received a lot of attention for its styling, and the driving experience is generally very good too. There are a number of positives in terms of the efficiency and emissions of the 1.4 HDi engine, unfortunately its lack of punch and power means that it is a frustrating car to drive at times.

PROS:  The 207 is an attractive car that also drives fairly well, and the Active level of trim comes with a few more luxuries than the basic entry level version. Fuel economy is also excellent.

CONS:  Although the engine may be efficient, it is lacking power and struggles on hills, and the space in the back of the car is also fairly poor.

Behind the Wheel

One excellent aspect of the 207 Active 1.4 HDi FAP 3dr is that it is truly easy to drive, with the steering light and nippy around town, but getting a little meatier when you are out on the open road. The ride is only adequate and is not helped by the heavy diesel engine up front. The steering wheel and seat are adjustable to suit most drivers, but looking in the strangely positioned door mirrors is awkward.

The diesel engine has been designed for efficiency over performance, and this is certainly evident from the performance figures. Acceleration from 0-62mph is a leisurely 16.9 seconds, and the top speed of 104mph isn’t going to be breaking any records either. The cabin is generally quite quiet, although there is some noise when driving at speed.

Looks & Equipment

The 207 Active 1.4 HDi FAP 3dr is well styled, but the gaping air intake at the front does give the front end a rather unpleasant grinning face. The lines are curved and smooth, and the group of tail lights and rear bumper do give it a tidy look. Inside the car, the white dials on the dashboard are easy to read, but the centre console does look a little outdated when compared with more modern cars.

Although the Active level of trim is a step up from the most basic 207, it is still fairly basic, and the omission of alloy wheels does affect the look of the car. A CD stereo and Bluetooth connectivity are included as standard with this car, and it also comes with air conditioning and electric front windows.

Practicality, Safety & Reliability

Small hatchbacks are generally cars that have been built with some compromises, and this is certainly the case when you consider the limited space in the back of the car. Boot space is quite good, making the 207 Active 1.4 HDi FAP 3dr a fairly practical car to own.

The Peugeot 207 has been awarded five stars in the Euro NCAP safety tests, and it does come with a decent range of airbags and some driver aids too. However, there is no curtain airbag to look after passengers in the back, and the Electronic Stability Programme is also an optional extra. Peugeot doesn’t have a great reputation for making very reliable cars, and a survey of drivers suggests that the 207 is below average.

Value for Money

The list price for the 207 Active 1.4 HDi FAP 3dr is quite high, and those spending £12,745 would expect a few more luxuries and equipment thrown in. It is also worth noting that the rival Ford Fiesta is slightly cheaper, and more attractive in terms of equipment too.

One aspect in which this version of the 207 does very well is the fuel economy, with the 1.4-litre diesel engine delivering an average 67.3mpg. Insurance costs should be low with the 207 in group 5, but the reliability issues do mean that the 207 doesn’t hold its value as well as some of its more durable rivals. The package for the 207 is completed by a three year sixty thousand mile warranty, and it is also supplied with one year of AA membership.

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