BMW 6 Series Car Reviews

The BMW’s 6 Series is made some serious waves with its new body style, when it was re-released in 2003 after a break of almost 15 years. Although many liked the rakish new style, others were not so pleased. The head turning 6 Series has a bold, fresh style, and people either seem to love it or hate it. Either way, there is no denying the same great quality that has become a trademark of the BMW brand.

Price Range: £-1 - £-1
Insurance Groups: N/A - N/A
MPG Range: N/A - N/A
Score: 4.5/5
Excellent engines
Great as a grand tourer
Brilliant styling
Not the sportiest coupe
Small rear seats
Fuel economy

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BMW 6 Series Overview

The 6 Series has been offered as either a coupe or convertible since its re-release, with the introduction of the 6 Series Gran Coupe, released in 2012, for the third generation. The Gran coupe is a four door version of the 6 Series, aimed to compete with the Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS, as a large executive coupe, rather than a GT or convertible.

Engine performance is excellent from all available options, the 3.0 litre petrol, 4.4 litre petrol or the 3.0 litre diesel, while fuel economy from the diesel is also surprisingly efficient. Noise inside the cabin is kept to a minimum, with little wind or engine noise. The only noise that can really be heard is from the road due to the wider, lower profile tires.

The interior is similar to most modern BMW’s, sleek and luxurious, with most of the cars systems being controlled through the iDrive on board computer, which at first can be difficult to use. Once you get used to the iDrive system, it makes controlling the cars functions much simpler.

Front seat passengers have good head and legroom. The front seats are fully electric so can easily be adjusted for comfort, and boast numerous settings and positions. However, rear passengers have minimal head and legroom, only really being suitable for short journeys. Most of the niceties and creature comforts cater strictly to front seat passengers (although the Gran Coupe model should allow for additional legroom in the back). The boot is surprisingly large, with enough room for a number of suitcases or golf bags.


The first 6 Series was produced in 1976, as a coupe derived from the 5 Series of that time, and was a replacement to the CS and CSL coupes. Production of the 6 Series stopped in 1989, being replaced by the 8 Series which ran for 10 years.

Late in 2003, the 6 Series made a comeback as a 2004 model, again being based on the 5 Series of that time. The second generation 6 series shows a significant step away from the previous model, which may be due in part to the 14 year gap between production. The styling is drastically different, with the second generation designed to look like a shark, sleek and smooth. In addition there was the introduction of the convertible model, to be sold alongside the coupe. There was a facelift in 2007, with changes to both the headlight and rear light configuration.

The second generation of the 6 Series was replaced in 2011. Again it was offered as either a convertible or coupe, with a Gran Coupe model for 2012. For the first time the 6 Series was also made available as a four-wheel drive vehicle, rather than just rear-wheel drive, with the 650i xDrive.


The 6 Series has a commanding presence and impressive looks. BMW has managed to produce another quality vehicle with unique traits that catch the buyer’s eye. This car is all about image, proudly and boldly displaying the BMW badge.

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