Terex ZZ3: Amphibious car to be built in Britain | Car Talk - Car News Sep 2012


09:37 Tuesday 18 Sep 2012

A Norfolk businessman has purchased the rights to build and sell a new amphibious car.

Tim Dockerty saw the Terex ZZ3 online and decided to import the £73,000 car from Russia after realising its potential.

The ZZ3, nicknamed 'The Otter', is used in remote Russian areas as a search and rescue vehicle, and Dockerty has plans to 'westernise' it and put it on sale in the UK.

He is looking for a factory in which to assemble the Otter, and plans to build and sell 20 models a year. This would make the ZZ3 the best-selling amphibious car in the UK (not that it's up against any stiff competition).

Dockerty hopes that the ZZ3 could find use within the tourism industry or as a rescue vehicle.

He said "I'm hoping that we will bring it into the UK, westernise it and employ people to do that and then see how we go.

"I'm calling it the smart man's helicopter because it will do anything a chopper would do but it's cheaper."

Apart from fly, obviously...

Scamander amphibious car

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