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12:16 Saturday 19 Dec 2020

The Nissan LEAF is celebrating its tenth birthday.

The pioneering mass-market all-electric LEAF has found 180,000 European buyers over the past decade, as a result an estimated 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 has been prevented from entering the atmosphere every year.  To give context, it would take nearly 100,000,000 trees to remove that level of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

An early exponent of high volume electric vehicle production, Nissan has honed the battery technology on the LEAF to ensure it remains in the vanguard.  The Japanese carmaker has lofty ambitions to sell a million electrified vehicles each year by 2023.  This year they unveiled the Ariya all-electric crossover coupe, which will join the LEAF in Nissan’s electrified line-up as they pursue that target.


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