UK new car buyers going grey | Car Talk - Car News Jan 2019


16:19 Monday 21 Jan 2019

Grey is now the UK’s number one choice of new car colour.

More than a fifth of UK new cars sold in 2018 were finished in grey, with it overtaking black as the most popular choice to finish top of the colour charts for the first time since records began. Of the 2.4 million new cars sold in 2018, 495,127 were finished in grey.

UK car buyers continue to reject primary colours, which have not featured in the top three now for eight years. Some 59% of new cars registered in 2018 were finished in grey, black, or white, although long-time favourite silver dropped out of the top five for the first time in two decades.

Cream and yellow were the biggest losers last year, with sales of both hues plummeting by more than a third compared to 2017.


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