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13:56 Tuesday 19 Mar 2019

Boffins at Skoda’s DigiLab innovation centre are working on an ingenious new system which could end the tedium of waiting in for a parcel delivery.

They are currently developing a new system which will allow Skoda owners to use their car’s location and number plate as their delivery address for parcels, which will be delivered directly to the boot of their car by the courier.  The technology required for remote access to the car is currently being tested in a pilot scheme over in the Czech Republic, with plans to bring the new system to UK consumers in the future.

Advances in in-car connectivity inspired Skoda to dream up the new delivery method, which works by giving the retailer permission to deliver packages to their car via a mobile app.  When an order is placed, the car’s location is displayed to the courier via GPS for delivery, and by using the app the courier will be granted one-time-only, secured access to open the boot within a pre-defined time frame.  Having placed the parcel in the boot, the courier would relock the vehicle using the app and the customer is notified about the successful delivery.  Data is encrypted and the parcel courier is restricted to opening the vehicle within a short time frame that is defined by the customer.

Skoda haven’t specified at timeframe for releasing the finished system to the UK public, but watch this space!


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