Isuzu D-Max gets fresh coat | Car Talk - Car News Aug 2017


12:04 Thursday 03 Aug 2017

The Isuzu D-Max just got even tougher after a new protective coating was added to the rugged pick-up’s range of optional extras.

Called the Raptor Tough and Protective Coating, the new option is available via Isuzu’s specialist application centres and is designed to give even greater protection than the ABS Plastic Load Liner currently offered on the D-Max. The new coating has been developed by U-POL, and protects against scratches and damage from even the most awkward of loads, and is hard wearing enough to protect against fluid spills, animal waste, salt water, and rain, forming a watertight seal between the elements and the truck bed. The coating is tintable to match or contrast the paint, and comes with different finishes from smooth to non-slip coarse.

Darren James, Group Resources Director, Isuzu said: “Put simply, we wanted to be able to offer our customers with the very best protective coating available and Raptor, in our mind, is it.”


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