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10:51 Monday 16 Mar 2020

Ford has introduced new Road Edge Detection technology to help keep motorists on the right track when driving on challenging rural lanes.

Most European road fatalities happen on unlit rural roads where things like unmarked road edges and muddy ditches can catch drivers unaware, especially at night.  Now Road Edge Detection - added as standard to Lane-Keeping Aid equipped Ford Focus, Kuga, and Puma models – will help gently steer the car back on track when it senses danger by using camera technology as speeds between 45 and 70mph.  The system features an advanced algorithm to identify clear structural changes from the road to the area beside the road, and can also provide steering support on marked roads when the lane markings are obscured or hidden by snow, leaves or rain, and if the driver is still close to the edge following initial steering support the system vibrates the steering wheel as an added prompt.

Initially available on the Focus, Kuga and Puma, the system will be part of the expanding list of driver assistance technologies included on new Ford vehicles.


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