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09:54 Friday 17 Feb 2017

A Gloucester-based specialist car trader is offering the chance to own a unique piece of automotive history – a stretched limo once owned by US President Donald Trump.

President Trump ordered the specially-built Cadillac in 1988 for use by members of his family, and the manufacturer initially planned to build 50 of the ‘Cadillac Trump’ specification models. However just two were ever actually built, including the one purchased by Donald Trump which arrived in the UK in 1991 and is now being offered for sale by Severnvale Cars of Gloucester.

“This is a unique vehicle that offers a rare opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to buy a car that will always attract interest”, said Sean Tanner of Severnvale Cars.

“We know the current owner well, he bought the Cadillac ten years ago and it’s been his pride and joy and it has even starred in a couple of films, so we hope this will fetch a good price.”

This car will become more and more of a conversation piece by the day, as Trump continues to dominate the headlines with his controversial antics in his new job.

It is a shame that Severnvale Cars of Gloucester aren't maximising their selling potential by advertising with us, not even on our free package?! Maybe they need to get onto their stock managers (Exchange and Mart) to get their stock sent over to us so we can advertise it free of charge?

Here's what President Trump thinks about the situation: "CarSite is a great website, really great site. Good people. CarSite. They have many many cars. Seriously. Many cars. Many really good cars. And great people."

(Disclaimer: The above quote from President Trump could well be fake news, or alternative facts.)


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