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09:04 Friday 04 Oct 2019

October is Tyre Safety Month, and the charity TyreSafe is calling on UK motorists to get into the habit of checking the condition of their tyres at least once a month, every month.

Their new Look Who’s Talking campaign is being launched to encourage drivers to listen to what their tyres are telling them.  Defective tyres are thought to be responsible for almost 170 deaths and serious injuries on UK roads annually, while over £600million is estimated to be wasted on fuel as a result of the increased consumption caused by poorly maintained tyres.

Serious defects like lumps, bumps, cracks and cuts are signs a tyre is potentially dangerous and in need of replacing, but even something as basic as driving without the correct tyre pressure can affect your ability to control your vehicle and reduce levels of grip.

The minimum legal limit of 1.6mm tread is there to ensure that the tyre remains in contact with the road in the wet, but more than a quarter of tyres are only replaced once they have already fallen below that minimum requirement.

TyreSafe recommends three key checks.  Firstly, regularly check your tyre pressures to ensure they are in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.  Secondly, check the condition of your tyres for damage and defects, and if you find anything you are unsure of get it inspected by a professional.  Finally, check your tread depth is at least 1.6mm, as the tyre requires adequate tread to keep contact with the road and prevent conditions such as aquaplaning in wet conditions.

Alongside regular tyre safety tips on TyreSafe’s social media channels, Tyre Safety Month also sees participating tyre dealers offering a free tyre safety check during October.


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