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16:25 Wednesday 09 Oct 2019

Research by Volvo has highlighted the impact of uncomfortable car seats on the nation’s backs.

More than a third of UK drivers have missed work due to back pain caused by their car seat, and with 68% of the UK’s 32.4 million workers using their car for commuting or work purposes this is hitting the economy to the tune of £8.8 billion in lost productivity, according to the Volvo Car UK study.  The survey found that 12% have taken up to two days off work for back pain from poor quality car seats, 13% have missed up to four days a year, 5% have had to have a full working week off, and 5% have been absent for seven or more days.

The study, commissioned by Volvo for Backcare Awareness Week, further found that back pain from poor car seats drove nearly a third of motorists to consult a doctor or physiotherapist, at an estimated cost to the NHS of £191.94 million.

Volvo pioneered the incorporation of spinal research into seat design, starting in 1965 with the Volvo Amazon, and their design process includes factoring in initial, cruising, and dynamic comfort.
“We specifically opt to use softer foam compounds for our seats to ensure the fit is comfortable across all body shapes and sizes”, explained Tommy Apell, the man with overall responsiblity for car seat comfort at Volvo.

“We also specially tune our seat springs for improved comfort, with the ergonomics team working alongside designers to ensure things like seat stitching don’t create pressure points for drivers and passengers.  Our lengthy development and testing programme means new seats take up to five years to move from concept to finished product.”


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