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15:48 Wednesday 18 Mar 2020

Suzuki celebrates its centenary this week.

It was in March 1920 that Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company, which grew from making looms to become the world-renowned carmaker that exists today.

The Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company became the Suzuki Motor Co Ltd in 1954 when it introduced the Suzulight, Japan’s first mass produced mini vehicle, changing its name to the current Suzuki Motor Corporation thirty years ago.

The company is still a family concern, with Osamu Suzuki - husband of founder Michio Suzuki’s granddaughter – and his son Toshishiro serving as Chairman and President of the company respectively.  A statement on their behalf said, “‘All members of Suzuki Motor Corporation take this as an important milestone to reaffirm the founder’s philosophy of ‘focusing on customers’ and strive to deliver products to our customers across the globe.”


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