Road safety group call for council cutbacks...of trees and hedges | Motoring Issues - Car News Jul 2019


09:33 Wednesday 24 Jul 2019

It’s something that is an increasing source of irritation for motorists – trees and hedges being left to overgrow and hide road signs and speed cameras.

At best a nuisance to confused drivers, at worst a potential danger, road safety campaigners are now demanding local authorities do more to tackle the issue of errant foliage.

“Road signs provide vital orders and information for drivers, who choose their speeds and actions based on what the signs tell them,” explained Neil Worth of road safety charity GEM Motoring Assist.

He continued, “If they can’t see the signs, then their ability to make safe decisions is compromised, especially if they’re on unfamiliar roads. In the interests of road safety, we are calling on local authorities to organise some far-reaching cutbacks of trees, bushes and branches, so that speed limit and other signs are made as clear as possible to everyone using their roads.”

GEM are urging motorists to take action on the issue themselves by reporting any obscured road signs to their local authority.


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