Passengers a thing of the past for 40% of scared motorists | Motoring Issues - Car News Jun 2020

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16:29 Tuesday 23 Jun 2020

Coronavirus fears mean 4 in 10 drivers will not be welcoming passengers in their car in the future, according to a survey conducted by Motorpoint.

The retailer polled 750 motorists and found that 41.3 per cent thought that giving a lift to people would no longer be safe as a result of the pandemic.

Traffic is steadily increasing to pre-lockdown levels, driven in part by Government calls for people to avoid using public transport unless they have no alternative.

Mark Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer of Motorpoint, said: “The results of our poll are clearly understandable given COVID-19 and definitely reflect the desire by people to maintain social distancing at all times when outside of their home, whether it’s travelling to work, visiting friends or simply popping to the shops for a loaf of bread and some milk.”


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