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15:32 Friday 29 Jun 2018

With the UK basking in heatwave conditions, experts are urging drivers to follow their advice and keep cool and calm despite the sweltering temperatures.

“Making long journeys in hot weather can be stressful, especially if traffic is heavy and you’re stuck for any length of time”, says Neil Worth of road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist.

“We recommend good preparation and sensible journey planning to help you cope with the worst of the heat.
It’s not just the drivers and passengers who are feeling the heat, as he added: ”Hot weather can be tough for your car. For example, batteries frequently take a battering, with everyone on board wanting to keep phones and tablets fully charged, and holiday journeys in stop-start traffic.  That’s why we encourage you to carry out some basic checks before a long summer journey, and to ensure you keep your eye on the car for any signs and symptoms of trouble.”

The top tips issued by GEM Motoring Assist are to drink plenty of water, ensuring you have enough to keep you hydrated for the duration of your journey and preferably keeping your supply in a cool bag. The same applies to your car, so check your oil and coolant levels before setting off. Thirdly, do not leave children or pets alone in the car under any circumstances, as dehydration and heatstroke can occur very quickly. Finally, if you get stuck in traffic keep an eye on the temperature gauge for signs of overheating – pull over where safe to do so and let the car cool down if necessary, or if you are likely to be stationary in traffic for a long time switch off the engine to prevent overheating.


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