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10:58 Monday 06 Nov 2017

Hauliers have slammed the Mayor of London for bringing forward plans for an Ultra Low Emission Zone in the centre of the city, a move they say is tantamount to closing London for business.

The Central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will come into forced seventeen months earlier than planned on the 8 April 2019, hitting any truck registered before 2014 with hefty fines. Euro 5 emissions lorries will be just 5 to 9 years old when the ULEZ begins, and the Road Haulage Association feels the shortened timescale puts unreasonable demands on its members.

Richard Burnett, Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association, said, “The Mayor and TFL have ignored our advice and will now bring the Central London ULEZ in 17 months early. This flies in the face of common sense, and our consultation response. Since the early introduction of the ULEZ was first proposed we have pushed hard for a phased approach that will improve air quality and maintain the economy of London.

“We are concerned that the ULEZ charge will cost many hauliers £100 per day, and that’s in addition to the other charges they already pay. More than half the GB lorry fleet will not be Euro VI when the ULEZ is introduced. Bringing the date forward by 17 months is little more than a means of quickly bringing in revenue to cover the Mayor’s other plans for the City.”

“The trucks being penalised are responsible for delivering London’s economy, they fill London’s shelves with food and the other goods we depend on, many are already powered by ultra-low emissions vehicles. This industry is already doing all it can to meet air quality standards. But, the acquisition of new vehicles has been planned on the previous Mayor’s original dates. Lorries last about 12 years, to announce a 17 months early adoption of the scheme is not giving operators sufficient time to phase out older vehicles and replace them with Euro VI.

“It appears that the Mayor has decided that ULEZ will become London-wide for heavy vehicles in the very near future. But it is essential that a realistic implementation date and appropriate phasing is established and adhered to. The current approach will lead to the use of more vans, will increase congestion and will undermine the economic wellbeing of the city. Given the switch to vans, there is even a strong possibility that the Mayor’s plans could make air quality worse.

“Hauliers and the people and businesses of London should not be penalised by this retrospective regulation that is little more than a tax grab by the Mayor.”


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