Happy half year for Mercedes-Benz | Industry - Car News Jul 2018


15:55 Monday 09 Jul 2018

It’s been a successful year so far for Mercedes-Benz, who have sold 1,188, 832 vehicles worldwide thus far.

That is the most successful start to a year ever for Mercedes-Benz, with sales up by almost four percent compared to the mid-point in 2017.  Of those sales, 476,790 came in Europe, with Mercedes-Benz breaking its own previous best performances in France, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Denmark, but it was in the Chinese market that the company made its biggest gains with sales up by a staggering 12.5% in the first half of this year.

Sales of the S-Class Saloon increased by 27.5%, with 43,106 units sold globally so far in 2018, while demand for the E-Class Saloon and Estate is higher than ever before.  Even sales of Mercedes-Benz’s Smart product shrugged off a sluggish start to the year, leaping by 5% last month.


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