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15:14 Thursday 17 Oct 2019

Motoring organisation IAM RoadSmart has issued some tips on how to get the most out of your fuel.

They feel many motorists miss out on savings by ignoring some basic but effective principles.

For example, smooth driving improves fuel consumption, so aiming to keep acceleration gentle using the highest safe gear will reap awards.  They also suggest easing off the accelerator early when approaching a red traffic signal, asking why hurry up to wait?

Unfortunately, for many driving in rush hour traffic is unavoidable, but be aware that start-stop motoring can impact fuel consumption.

Tyres that are well maintained and correctly pressured are not only vital for safety, but will boost fuel economy.

Just like us, cars need to work harder and are less efficient when carrying extra weight, so ditch any unnecessary heavy items you may have in the boot and take the roof rack or roof box of when not in use.

Thankfully, with winter approaching, modern cars don’t need to be manually warmed up, so you shouldn’t be burning pound notes idling the engine before setting off, although it may use more fuel in their first four miles or so of you journey.  Your engine stays cold when you drive less than two miles, will produce 60% more pollution than a warm engine.

Air-conditioning uses extra fuel, as does producing electricity for the rear screen heater, so only use these when necessary.

Richard Gladman, head of driving standards for IAM RoadSmart, said: “Fuel is expensive but a few small changes in the way we prepare our vehicles and plan our journeys can make a big difference in our fuel consumption.  Remember that safety and fuel saving can be complementary if we drive effectively.”


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