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12:11 Wednesday 24 Jun 2020

Half of UK motorists say they would be more likely to buy a new or used electric vehicle as their next car if a scrappage scheme for petrol and diesels were to be introduced, a new survey has revealed.

EV network installer Smart Home Charge found that 50.4% respondents to their survey would either “definitely” or “more likely” buy an electric vehicle if such an inducement was offered by the Government, with only one-in-ten saying a scrappage scheme would not affect their interest in switching at all.

Smart Home Charge believe the lockdown has had some effect on respondents opinions of electric vehicles, almost all saying they had noticed a reduction in noise pollution that they would like to see become permanent.  Almost three quarters of respondents also said air quality was a very important issue to them, and 97% said the lockdown has had a positive effect on local air quality.  Two thirds said buying a fully electric car would be their preferred way of tackling these issues.

Interestingly, just under 40% said expect their motoring habits to remain drastically altered by lockdown, compared to just 31% who say they will return to normal.


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