Driving Home For Christmas | Advice - Car News Dec 2018


14:19 Wednesday 19 Dec 2018

Road safety charity IAM RoadSmart have issued a series of tips to help cope with the stress of driving over the Christmas period.

Richard Gladman, the organisation’s head of driving and riding standards, points out that as Christmas Day falling on a Monday this year you might be able to travel on a different rather than Christmas Eve but, if you do have to join the throng of festive motorists on the 24th, try and avoid setting off at peak times.
Check the weather reports, as if you are travelling a long distance it may be very different from one region to another. 

Before setting off, let your friends and family know where you are going and your expected time of arrival, being as realistic as possible so they are not worrying about you if you get a little late, and always ensure you have enough fuel as some garages can close early.

When packing the car try to ensure there are no loose parcels that could turn into missiles in the event of having to brake in an emergency. Remember that pets need seatbelts or a method of restraint too. 

Take regular rest breaks, and if you’re too tired to drive then delay your journey. If the office party went on into the early hours then make sure you are not still over the limit the morning after. Allow at least one hour to remove each unit of alcohol from your body.

Richard Gladman commented, “Careful planning and preparation can ensure your Christmas drive home is a safe and smooth one. So long as you give yourself extra time at this busy time of year, your journey home doesn’t need to be as arduous. We all look forward to spending the festive season with loved ones so let’s all do our bit to make it a safe one for the road.”


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