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16:25 Thursday 14 Jan 2021

A new study has found that disabled drivers experience significant accessibility issues with the UK’s charging network, something which will have to be addressed if the move away from petrol and diesel power is to be a success.

Disabled electric vehicle owners were surveyed by EV mapping service Zap-Map to understand the challenges they face.  It revealed that a third had difficulties in locating a suitable charger that could meet their needs, with one in seven reporting specific challenges with the weight of charging cables.  Also identified were the difficulties some disabled electric vehicle users experienced with the force required to attach the connector, the lack of dropped kerbs around charge points, and unsuitable parking arrangements.

With 8% of Zap-Map’s respondents identifying as disabled, compared to the 20% rate of disability within the UK population, it suggests a more limited uptake of EVs among this group, with accessibility issues being a potential concern.

Dr Ben Lane of Zap-Map said, “The UK is witnessing the start of an electric vehicle revolution with millions of zero-emission cars set to appear on our roads in the near future. The new charging infrastructure to serve those EVs is being built now and we can’t afford to leave anyone behind. Businesses and charge point operators need to focus more effort on improving accessibility and designing charge points which will benefit everyone”.


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