China base for Volvo's electric plans | Industry - Car News Apr 2017


10:34 Thursday 20 Apr 2017

The first all-electric Volvo, due to hit showrooms in 2019, will be manufactured in China.

Volvo announced the news at this week’s Shanghai Auto Show, a decision credited in part to China’s position as the world’s largest market for all-electric cars and its stated ambition to grow the sector further to address its air quality issues.

The model will be built on Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture and exported globally as the company works toward a target of selling one million electrified cars by the middle of the next decade, plans which also include the addition of a plug-in hybrid version of every Volvo model.

Volvo boasts three production plants in China; the Daging plant which produced the 90 series, the Chengdu facility which makes the 60 series, and the Lugiao factory where Volvo will produce the 40 series.


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