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15:38 Tuesday 26 Mar 2019

Kwik Fit claims the repair cost to UK motorists caused by poor road conditions totalled a staggering £1.21billion over the last year.

Research commissioned by the company has found that the cost of repairing damage caused by poor road conditions is rising exponentially, up by 77% in just three years.  More than 11 million drivers reported damage sustained as a result of potholed and poorly maintained UK roads.  The average cost to the individual motorist of repairing damage to components such as tyres, suspension and wheels remains stable at around, but the number of motorists affected has jumped by 2.9 million since last year.  With another 1.4 million drivers reporting damage that is awaiting repair, this year’s total could rise even higher.

Almost a third of drivers who have hit a pothole in the last year had their car damaged by the impact, resulting in 5.9 million tyre repairs, 3.8 million suspension repairs, 3.7 million wheel repairs, 1.7 steering repairs, 1.3 million bodywork repairs, and 1.2 million exhaust repairs.

Last year, damage from London roads accounted for £204,681,600 of the total amount, while for Wales the figure was just £20,417,100, showing a clear regional disparity.  More than half of the drivers surveyed by Kwik Fit say the UK’s road are in worse condition now than a year ago, with a quarter of people saying they have complained about potholes to their local council.

Kwik Fit’s Roger Griggs said, “The cost of damage from potholes is hitting more and more drivers who are continuing to see their cash being spent on issues that are not entirely their fault.  It is worth noting that damage isn’t always immediately noticeable so motorists should give their car a thorough check when they do hit a pothole.”


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