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14:19 Friday 03 Jan 2020

Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? Are you ready to get back into the daily routine?

Well, if the latter involves getting your offspring in and out of the car, new research has emerged that may well ruin your year already.

A new study has revealed it takes an inordinate amount of time for the average family with young children to get them ready, out of the house, and into the car.  While this is hardly a revelatory finding for any parents of small children reading this article, what will come as a shock is the actual amount of time lost each year to the task, a staggering 96 hours a year on average or the equivalent of four full days.  The SEAT-commissioned study found that the job of getting the children out of the house and into the car adds, on average, 20 minutes to the morning routine, with 2-3 year olds being the most difficult to marshal and the most impervious to the common bribes of sweets and favourite music.

The daily disruption caused by recalcitrant toddlers has also been found to make almost a third of parents late for work at least once a week.

So, all we can do is to wish all parents the best of luck for the year ahead – sounds like it could be a long twelve months!


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