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15:16 Friday 01 Mar 2019

Road safety campaigners are urging courts to come down harder on drivers and riders who accumulate twelve penalty points on their licence.

The call comes after figures revealed late last year showed that there are almost 11,000 UK motorists who are still allowed to drive despite having twelve or more points on their licence.

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist this week issued a statement highlighting problem.  A road safety officer for the organisation said: “A driving ban should be inevitable for anyone who has managed to tot up 12 penalty points on their licence.  It takes a particularly careless, thoughtless or reckless person to reach this level, and their disregard for the law means they each represent a big risk for the rest of us who share the roads with them.  The time for drivers to consider the consequences of a ban should come long before they find themselves with the prospect of 12 points.  Of course a ban will cause considerable levels of hardship.  But courts need to give more thought to other road users – particularly the most vulnerable – who face the greatest danger when such high-risk drivers are allowed to keep their licences.”


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