Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class 160 BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 3dr Car Review - February 2012

List Price: £20,400
Tax Band: H
Insurance Group: 29
MPG: 42.8
CO2: 168
0-62 Mph: 11.2 secs
BHP: 127 BHP
Range: 584 miles
CarSite Verdict:  3.75/5
The CLC is a sporty coupe which is the most affordable available from Mercedes-Benz, and some of the features do show that the car is one of the more basic available. However, the engine does perform reasonably well, and the sport trim adds some nice luxuries that improve the look and make the cabin a little more comfortable.

PROS:  Mercedes-Benz will always have an attraction for those looking for a premium coupe, and the CLC delivers a reasonable driving experience and is a good looking car.

CONS:  The handling isn’t as good as some of its rivals, and the list price will often cause some people to think twice about whether a Mercedes-Benz is really the choice for them.

Behind the Wheel

The steering does provide more feedback to the driver than the previous generation of the CLC, and the handling is still accurate and efficient, but it still doesn’t quite match the experience that is delivered by some of its rivals. The Sport pack does include a firmer ride that does give a little more feel to the driver, but passengers in the car may prefer the softer suspension. The driving position is quite comfortable and there are plenty of adjustment options, but the rear view is somewhat restricted by the high tail of the car.

This version of the CLC comes with the smallest 1.6 litre engine in the range, and this is something that is visible in the acceleration performance, going from 0-62mph in 11.2 seconds. The top speed of the car is a reasonable 130mph, but those who are looking for a balance of sporty looks with better fuel performance will find this is one of the best in the CLC range.

Looks & Equipment

The aggressive sport styling of the CLC-Class is certainly a very attractive feature, with the low front end prominently displaying the Mercedes-Benz logo. Although the front end does show off some of its saloon genetics, the body itself is much sleeker, and the short rear end is also much smaller than that found in the typical saloon. The alloy wheels that are included as standard with this version of the CLC also improves the overall look of the car.

The Sport pack does come with leather seats as standard, which is certainly much nicer than the fabric seats included with the basic version. Bluetooth and a multi-CD changer adds to the level of equipment included in the car, and the car also includes an alarm and immobiliser to help keep the car secure.

Practicality, Safety & Reliability

One of the first things to be sacrificed when buying a coupe is the practicality in terms of space and legroom in the rear seats, and this is certainly the case with the CLC. However, one of the benefits of the high tail of the car is that boot space is fairly reasonable for a coupe, and the comfort level to the driver does mean that it is practical for long drives. In terms of reliability, Mercedes-Benz have long been known for making very reliable cars, and this is also the case with the CLC.

The CLC was awarded five stars in the Euro NCAP safety tests, and has a range of airbags to keep the driver and passengers safe should the car become involved in the accident. There are also driver aids such as traction control and patented versions of ESP and ABS to help assist the driver to keep the car on the road.

Value for Money

The list price for this version of the CLC-Class is £20,400, and although this is quite competitive for a Mercedes-Benz coupe, there are plenty of rivals on the market that can offer more for less. Those who are more interested in fun than in the badge on the car may want to look at options such as the VW Scirocco which does offer a lot of fun for the money.

One area which does benefit from having the smaller 1.6 litre engine is the fuel performance, and although this is a sporty coupe it can still deliver an average 42.8mpg. The insurance costs are quite hefty, more because of the coupe tag than because of the engine, but resale values for this kind of car are fairly good. The CLC is also supplied with a three year warranty from Mercedes-Benz, but this is fairly typical of the packages that are available.

Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class 160 BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 3dr Car Review - by 
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