Kia Sportage 3 1.7 CRDi 2WD 5dr Car Review - February 2012

List Price: £23,100
Tax Band: F
Insurance Group: 13
MPG: 52.3
CO2: 143
0-62 Mph: 11.9 secs
BHP: 114 BHP
Range: 633 miles
CarSite Verdict:  4/5
Offering a couple of improvements on the 1 1.6 GDi model, the Kia Sportage 3 1.7 CDi 2WD is a great option for those looking for a reliable 4x4 which is efficient. However, the higher purchase price which is incurred may seem a little steep to some buyers as performance credentials are not drastically improved from the smaller Kia Sportage 1 1.6 GDI 2WD.

PROS:  Better fuel efficiency than the Sportage 1 1.6 GDi 2WD and a more advanced selection of in-car technology make this a great option.

CONS:  Performance credentials offer little improvement on the Sportage 1 1.6 GDi and this means the higher purchase price may feel unjustified.

Behind the Wheel

The engine delivers a decent power output of 114 bhp at 4000 rpm which is capable of handling most terrains, although steeper hills can be a bit of a struggle. Acceleration is decent for a car of this size and weight, but the top speed of 107 mph is lower than the 111 mph limit of the Kia Sportage 1 1.6 CDi 2WD. The car is quiet when driven around town but at motorway speeds it can produce a bit of a racket.

Drive wise, the Kia is not as much fun as the Skoda Yeti but does compare well to its other rival, the Nissan Qashquai. The quality of ride is good and the suspension manages to soak up bumps and imperfections in the road well.

In terms of efficiency, the model boasts impressive fuel efficiency of 52.3 mpg with carbon emissions of 143 g/km - putting it into road tax band F.

Looks & Equipment

The Kia Sportage has a strongly sculpted bonnet and LED daytime running lights which enhance its overall aesthetics. A crease running along the side gives the appearance that the Sportage is lighter and smaller and the shape is a lot more aerodynamic than its predecessors.

Kit wise you get: power steering, central locking, stability control, alloy wheels, electric door mirrors, electric windows, cruise control, rear parking sensors, leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity and an advanced stereo system with CD player and MP3 connectivity.

A built-in sat nav can be added for an additional cost of £995 whilst a metallic paint finish costs £450. The air conditioning of the Sportage 1 1.6 CDi is also upgraded to climate control in this model.

Practicality, Safety & Reliability

The interior is pleasing but lacks the excitement and quality of the exterior. The raised seating position is a great addition, however, and controls are laid out simply to make operation easy. They glow red at night to increase visibility and to add to the sporty look.

The Sportage also comes with a black skirt around the bottom of the bumper and sills which supposedly protects the body from damage when off-roading. The boot is similar to a hatchback, so it is low and has a wide loading bay. The capacity with the seats up is 564 litres but this is expanded to 1,353 litres when the seats are folded down.

Kia has a really good reputation for reliability and overall this model feels well built and secure. All Kia’s come with a seven year, 100,000 mile warranty, so any problems should be dealt with easily - giving customers plenty of reassurances. A service interval of 20,000 miles is recommended to keep the car in perfect condition.

The Sportage also comes with a great safety kit which includes stability control, driver, passenger and front side airbags, as well as an immobiliser and alarm to deter thieves.

Value for Money

This 1.7 litre model offers some of the best fuel efficiency in the Sportage range, with an impressive figure of 52.3 mpg. This model also emits 143 g/km of CO2 which places it under road tax band F and incurs moderate, but not excessive, insurance premiums under insurance group 12.

Whilst all of these features are huge benefits for buyers, the car does come with a relatively high purchase price of £22,195 - making it almost £5,000 more than the Sportage 1 1.6 CDi model. Despite the price difference there are few improvements on this model and ultimately buyers will need to decide whether the improved fuel efficiency is enough to counter balance the high purchase cost.

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