Bentley Continental Car Reviews

There are a number of model variations of the Bentley Continental currently available. There are the Continental Flying Spur, which is a 4 door saloon (with a Flying Spur Speed edition, offering improved engine performance), the Continental GT; a coupe, the Continental GTC; a convertible, and a coupe and convertible Supersports model.

Price Range: £-1 - £257,325
Insurance Groups: 50 - 50
MPG Range: 15 - 27
Score: 4.5/5
Astonishing speed
Prestige and desirable badge
Costly to run
Depreciates fairly quickly
Reputation as footballers' car

Latest Bentley Continental Car Reviews:

Bentley Continental GT 2dr - February 2012
This second generation Continental GT exudes luxury and comfort. Its engine is powerful and smooth. Based on its performance the Continental GT could well be the most usable and practical car in it...
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 4dr - February 2012
The ultimate luxury vehicle, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur is the ideal vehicle for those after a car which prioritises performance and comfort. The model has all the sophistication and sleek...
Bentley Continental Supersports 2dr - February 2012
A great car which combines performance, acceleration and power, the only real downside to the Supersports is the high purchase price. However, this is likely to have little significance to Bentley ...
Bentley Continental GTC - February 2012
An ideal luxury car, it is difficult to find fault with the GTC once you have got over the large price tag. For most Bentley customers, the cost of sale and maintenance are unimportant and this mod...

Bentley Continental Overview

All variations are fast yet graceful, with the Flying Spur Speed edition being the fastest four-door saloon in the world, with a top speed of 200mph. The Continental range boasts a 6.0 W12 petrol engine that produces 621bhp in the top of the range Supersports model. It is scarily fast, accelerating from 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds. Despite being such large, heavy cars they handle well for their size, remaining stable with good amounts of grip through the corners.

As you would expect from such a large car, sporting such a thirsty engine, fuel economy isn’t great, and the Continental is expensive to run, but at well over £100,000 for the base model, fuel prices aren’t likely to be a major concern.

Luxury cars make a name for themselves with the quality interior they provide, and the Continental instantly impresses. The materials used are exquisite while the seats provide comfort even on the longest of journeys. One key point is that the coupe and convertible models don’t have a great deal of space in the rear, so the Flying Spur models may be the best bet if there a number of passengers.


The Continental name was first put to use in 1952 with the Bentley Continental Mark VI, and was used to refer to Bentley’s sportier models. The latest range of Continentals was introduced in 2003 as a replacement to the Continental T. First came the GT, with the Saloon Flying Spur following in 2005 and the GTC in 2006. A Supersports version of the GT and GTC was introduced in 2010 which featured a more highly tuned engine, the most powerful that Bentley had ever produced. A new generation of Continental GT’s was introduced as a 2011 model  featuring engine improvements and exterior restyling.


The Continental offers buyers a fast and practical ride, wrapped in a stylish package with the prestige the Bentley badge brings. For those who can afford it the Continental will not disappoint.

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