Skoda Superb Car Reviews

Skoda’s Superb represents one of the best values in the car market. The Superb drives like a limousine providing a smooth ride and high levels of comfort. This level of quality and refinement usually comes at a higher price. The Superb is popular among commercial drivers due to its comfort levels and smooth ride.

Price Range: £-1 - £-1
Insurance Groups: N/A - N/A
MPG Range: N/A - N/A
Score: 4.5/5
Good value for money
Some engines can be noisy
Bland looks

Latest Skoda Superb Car Reviews:

Skoda Superb S 1.4 TSI 5dr - February 2012
The Skoda Superb S 1.4-litre TSI offers a lot for a car in this class. Decent performance and good handling coupled with its generous space, excellent safety features and good equipment level make ...
Skoda Superb S 1.6 TDI CR 5dr - March 2012
For those looking for a practical and reliable family car, the Skoda Superb S 1.6 TDI CR is a great choice. The car comes with plenty of in-car kit which covers the main essentials as standard and ...
Skoda Superb S 2.0 TDI CR 4dr (140bhp) DSG 5dr - March 2012
The Skoda Superb S 2.0 TDI CR DSG 5dr is an exciting addition to the large family car category. It is a phenomenal all-rounder, giving brilliant performance on different types of roads with ease, w...
Skoda Superb SE 2.0 TDI CR (140bhp) DSG 5dr - March 2012
For those looking for a practical and reliable family car, the Skoda Superb SE 2.0 TDI CR (140 bhp) DSG is a great choice. Performance credentials are higher than in the Superb S 1.6 TDI CR, giving...
Skoda Superb SE 2.0 TDI CR 4x4 DSG 5dr - March 2012
This version of the Skoda Superb comes with a good level of trim and a diesel engine that offers quite good performance on the road, and the automatic gearbox is straightforward and easy to use. T...

Skoda Superb Overview

The current Superb comes with engines ranging from a 1.4 to a 3.6 litre and has a fuel economy ranging from 28.0mpg to 64.0mpg.

The Skoda Superb exterior design is modest rather than flashy so much so that the car may seem a little plain. It will take a close look to notice the car’s extra length. The Superb is aging slowly and should enjoy high resale values.

Cheaper Superbs represent good bargains for buyers but the more costly models offer even better value. They are loaded down with kit and luxurious creature comforts. Many have suggested that Skoda’s build quality has surpassed that of Volkswagen.


The original Superb was first produced in 1934 and was the first car to be used by high ranking military officials in the Second World War. It ran from 1934 to 1942 and a second model was produced from 1946 to 1949.

The Superb we are familiar with was introduced in 2001 and is essentially a rebadged version of the Lingyu model of the Volkswagen Passat. The Superb received a facelift in 2006 which was mainly concerned with cosmetics and styling, in order to bring the Superb’s image up to speeds with other Skoda models such as the Octavia.

The third generation Skoda Superb arrived in 2008 and is based on the latest A5 Octavia platform. It is a five door saloon/hatch back which was made available as an estate in 2009. There are a number of petrol and diesel engines to choose from as well as a range of trim levels; in the UK the buyer can choose from the ‘S’, ‘SE’, Elegance’ and ‘Greenline’ trim levels.


The Skoda Superb isn't a bargain basement alternative to better quality executive models. It's a less expensive alternative that is just as functional, comfortable and practical as the more expensive rival brands.

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