Porsche Cayenne Turbo 5dr Car Review - March 2012

List Price: £89,324
Tax Band: M
Insurance Group: N/A
MPG: 24.6
CO2: 270
0-62 Mph: 4.7 secs
BHP: 500 BHP
Range: 541 miles
CarSite Verdict:  4.25/5
The Cayenne was a very controversial car when it first appeared on the market, but this has largely settled down with more brands producing cars into this class. The Cayenne can truly offer sports car performance, and the driving experience is very good, but the running costs and the purchase price make this a car that is a little too expensive for the majority of buyers.

PROS:  The Cayenne is one of the forerunners of the luxury sport 4x4 market, and has sports car performance with a reasonable level of practicality and space.

CONS:  The cost is going to be a big stumbling block for many people, and it isn’t as practical as some other 4x4s, and suffers from a slightly bouncy ride when driving at low speed.

Behind the Wheel

The driving experience for the Cayenne is a Jekyll and Hyde experience, with the slow speed ride being quite bouncy and this is verging on being uncomfortable. However, this becomes much better when you start pushing the accelerator, and the steering is excellent delivering plenty of feedback and feeling much more like a sports car, especially with the stable body when cornering. The visibility from the car is very good, and the driving position is one that can be adjusted to suit the individual to get the perfect driving position.

This most powerful version of the Cayenne really does offer some remarkable engine performance, with the 4.8 litre engine delivering acceleration from 0-62mph in only 4.7 seconds. The top speed of 173mph is also enough to rival many of the 911 models, and the refined cabin is really very quiet and calm considering the sports car engine under the bonnet.

Looks & Equipment

One positive aspect of the Cayenne is that it has been designed keeping the classic Porsche principles in mind, with the headlights bulging up above the bonnet. The large air vent and grille also puts one in mind of a sports car, but the back end is more typical of a 4x4, but the spoiler over the rear window does hint towards the sports car pedigree. Inside the Cayenne the cabin is classy and comfortable, with the white dials being typical of the sports cars on which this 4x4 is based.

Leather seats and satellite navigation are both welcome features that are to be expected in a car of this price, with cruise control and climate control helping to ensure the cabin remains comfortable. The Bose CD stereo delivers a superb standard of sound in the cabin, and the power folding mirrors and power heated seats are a real sign of quality in this car.

Practicality, Safety & Reliability

Although the Cayenne hasn’t been submitted to the Euro NCAP safety tests, it does have a very high level of safety equipment. The range of airbags is comprehensive ensuring that all occupants in the front and rear of the car would be protected in case of an accident. The Cayenne also boasts a good range of driver aids that help to channel the sports car power to the wheels safely. Porsche has a great reputation for making reliable cars, and the Cayenne continues with this reputation.

The space in the cabin is plentiful and will comfortable accommodate five people with space to spare, and the boot is also large enough to carry plenty of luggage. The seats do fold forward to add to the load space in the car, which is remarkable considering the sports car pedigree of the Cayenne.

Value for Money

This version of the Porsche Cayenne comes with the significant price tag of £84,790, and this is going to be a massive stumbling block for many people. Those who are looking for a sporty 4x4 may want to look at the cheaper versions of this car that are still very fast, and the top version of the BMW X3 is also very competitive too.

Running costs for the Cayenne are significant, with the turbo engine only able to deliver an average 24.6mpg. The insurance premiums will be very high for this vehicle, and it does come with the typical Porsche package of a three year warranty and roadside breakdown assistance. One of the best things about the Cayenne is that the combination of desirability and practicality means that it does hold its value very well.

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