Mazda CX-5 2.2 Sport 5dr Car Review - April 2012

List Price: £26,695
Tax Band: C
Insurance Group: 19
MPG: 61.4
CO2: 119
0-62 Mph: 9.2 secs
Range: 756 miles
CarSite Verdict:  4/5
The CX-5 is a crossover that has been recently released on to the market and comes with the Skyactiv fuel technology that helps it to deliver good performance and fuel efficiency at the same time. The cabin is comfortable and spacious and is one of the largest in its class, although its not quite on a par with the even larger BMW X3 or the Land Rover Evoque.

PROS:  The engine combines good performance with excellent fuel efficiency, while the spacious cabin is comfortable and comes with a reasonable level of trim too.

CONS:  It doesn't quite match up with the larger 4x4s in terms of comfort and practicality, while the bold looks won't be to everyone's taste either, with the steering being a little inert too.

Behind the Wheel

One of the most surprising things with the CX-5 is that the level of body control to be experienced when cornering, as this does feel like quite a tall and upright vehicle. The steering is quick to respond but a little lacking in feedback, while the ride is generally comfortable with the suspension taking all but the largest bumps and potholes in its stride. Inside the cabin the driver benefits from the high driving position which has good visibility, while the driving seat and the steering wheel can both be adjusted to suit the individual.

Performance is quite good too, with the 2.2 litre diesel engine delivering acceleration from 0-62mph in only 9.2 seconds. The top speed of 126mph is plenty for the majority of drivers who will rarely need that much speed, and the refinement even on motorways is very good too.

Looks & Equipment

The looks of the CX-5 are quite stylish and sporty which won't be to everyone's taste, with a large half circle grille which dominates the large front end. The hardened black plastic which is to be seen around the bottom of almost every crossover is also found here, while the back end has a rather prominent spoiler over the window, and dynamic tail light clusters. Inside the dashboard is straightforward and easy to read, while the cabin does have a classy and well made feel to it.

The level of equipment included with the CX-5 is also very good, with alloy wheels completing the bold look of the vehicle, and leather seats being a welcome addition inside the car. Climate control helps to ensure that the cabin remains comfortable throughout the journey, while a rear parking sensor is also a useful feature in what is a fairly big car.

Practicality, Safety & Reliability

One of the main attractions of buying a crossover is that it really does offer great practicality, and with the CX-5 being one of the largest available, then this is one area in which it does excel. The cabin is spacious and offers plenty of legroom and headroom in the rear, while the boot is also very well proportioned. Mazda has a superb record for reliability, and there is no doubt that the CX-5 will continue in this vein.

The CX-5 hasn't yet been submitted for a Euro NCAP safety test, but it does come with a good range of airbags that will look after the driver and passengers in a collision. There are also a good range of driving aids to ensure that the driver remains in full control of the vehicle, including stability control which is important in a 4x4 like this.

Value for Money

One of the attractions of the Mazda CX-5 is that it is competitively priced at £25,195, and significantly cheaper than some of the larger crossovers produced by BMW or Audi.

Running costs are also quite competitive thanks to the Skyactiv technology that helps the 2.2 litre diesel engine to achieve an average 62.8mpg. The insurance costs for the CX-5 are fairly reasonable, and the desirability and practicality of the car mean that it should hold on to its value quite well too. The CX-5 is supplied with a three year or sixty thousand mile warranty, and also boasts roadside breakdown assistance for the first three years of ownership.

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Mazda CX-5 2.2 Sport 5dr - April 2012
The CX-5 is a crossover that has been recently released on to the market and comes with the Skyactiv fuel technology that helps it to deliver good performance and fuel efficiency at the same time. ...
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