Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 V8 4dr Car Review - March 2012

List Price: £81,305
Tax Band: M
Insurance Group: 50
MPG: 19.2
CO2: 340
0-62 Mph: 5.6 secs
BHP: 395 BHP
Range: 380 miles
CarSite Verdict:  4/5
Maserati have always made excellent sports cars, and with the Quattroporte they have offered an amazing car that does deliver superb engine performance. As with many Italian sports car manufacturers, there are a few flaws. The firm suspension may deliver more feedback through the wheel, but it does mean that it can get a little uncomfortable on poor British roads.

PROS:  There is awesome pace delivered from the V8 engine, and the driving experience is good. It also comes with some wonderful luxury features that really do make the Quattroporte stand out.

CONS:  This certainly isn't a cheap car, and with a firm suspension that can make the ride bumpy and a slightly jerky automatic gearbox, there are some rivals that offer a better overall package.

Behind the Wheel

The responsiveness of the engine to the accelerator is absolutely amazing, and the thrill of the V8 engine really does make it a great experience to drive. The handling matches this. The steering is nicely weighted and responds quickly to hit the corners, but the level of feedback isn't quite enough to match the suspension which is a little too firm, and this can become quite jittery. The driving position is good and offers plenty of adjustment to the seat and the wheel, but the foot-well could become a little cramped for some drivers.

When it comes to a sporty saloon, the engine performance is always going to be very important, and this is one area where the Quattroporte delivers in spades. Acceleration from 0-62mph is a brisk 5.4 seconds, and the top speed of 174mph means that getting from A to B quickly really shouldn't be a problem, but this power does have an impact on fuel efficiency.

Looks & Equipment

One of the reasons that many people will be attracted to the Quattroporte is that it is an exclusive car, and with the large grille at the front and minimal air vents below, this really is a very different car to its rivals. The subtle flares in the bonnet and the tidy back end combine with the shape of the body to make it a very attractive car, and the small details also help this model to stand out as a Maserati. Inside the car there is a lot to see on the dashboard, and buttons on the centre console may take a little time getting used to, but on the whole the interior does add to the quality feel.

Luxury is one of the big features of the Maserati, and this starts with satellite navigation and leather seats inside the car, which is supplemented by a wonderful Bose CD stereo system. Alloy wheels are of course included with the car, which does improve the vehicle's overall aesthetics, but there are also driving aids such as cruise control and climate control which help to complete the driver experience.

Practicality, Safety & Reliability

One of the problems that many people will find when they opt for a Quattroporte is that it isn't quite as spacious as some of the rivals, and although it isn't cramped, it doesn't offer quite as much wiggle room. There are the usual range of airbags included to help look after passengers in the front and the back of the car, and it also has traction control, ABS and ESP included as standard to help keep the car on the road.

Maserati haven't always offered cars that are particularly reliable, but this is something that has improved significantly over recent years.

Value for Money

It is fair to say that owning a Maserati isn't a cheap experience, and this is evident in the list price of £82,140.

Running the Quattroporte isn't cheap either, with the fuel efficiency only able to achieve an average 19.2mpg. The insurance costs are also going to be quite significant with such a car, but one plus feature is that Maserati does make very desirable cars so the depreciation of the car is unlikely to be too bad when it comes to selling it. This is supplied with a three year unlimited mileage warranty, and is also supplied with a three year roadside breakdown policy, which is fairly typical of the packages offered by its rivals.

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Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 V8 4dr - March 2012
Maserati have always made excellent sports cars, and with the Quattroporte they have offered an amazing car that does deliver superb engine performance. As with many Italian sports car manufacturer...
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