Hyundai i30 1.4 Classic 5dr Pre-Model Car Review - February 2012

List Price: £13,780
Tax Band: F
Insurance Group: 14
MPG: 46.3
CO2: 142
0-62 Mph: 11.6 secs
BHP: 108 BHP
Range: 540 miles
CarSite Verdict:  4/5
The Hyundai i30 hatchback is certainly aimed at those who are looking to buy a budget hatchback, but the interior is not as cheap and nasty as you might imagine, with some refined features included as standard. The overall feeling is quite positive, and those who are working on a relatively tight budget will find that the i30 will tick a lot of boxes that would be found on more expensive cars.

PROS:  This is excellent value for a medium sized hatchback that is very practical to run and can also offer quite a good level of equipment for what is really a bargain price.

CONS:  There are a few luxuries that aren't included on the classic trim edition, and this car is a little uninspiring behind the wheel.

Behind the Wheel

The handling on the i30 is efficient rather than spectacular, and it handles all but the sharpest of corners with relative ease. The steering is a little light and doesn't give as much feedback as some might expect, but on the whole it is solid and easy to drive. The softer suspension settings mean that it is very comfortable and it does take quite a deep pothole for it to be felt in the car. The driving position will be fine for most people, but taller drivers may feel a little cramped.

In terms of engine performance it is tailored towards economy rather than pace, but the 1.4 litre offering does go from 0-62mph in an acceptable 11.6 seconds, and the top speed of 116mph is more than enough for those who will be driving on a motorway from time to time. There is some engine and wind noise that gets in to the cabin at higher speeds, but even this isn't too bad.

Looks & Equipment

The range of cars prefixed with the letter 'I' are all designed with function rather than style as the main driving force, and the eye shaped headlights are typical of the current range of Hyundai vehicles. Not having alloy wheels is a drawback in terms of the image that the i30 portrays, but this is one of the sacrifices that is made when going for the entry level model.

Air conditioning is a nice plus on a car that has been built with budget in mind, as is the inclusion of a number of driving aids. The centre console does include a CD player, and has been laid out in a way that is attractive and easy to use. Some people may want a car that is filled with more equipment, and there are higher levels of trim available to meet those expectations.

Practicality, Safety & Reliability

The i30 is a medium sized hatchback and as such can comfortably accommodate four to five people, and the legroom to be found in the back seats is very generous. A well proportioned boot means there is plenty of luggage space, and there are also plenty of little storage spaces in the car too. For those who are worried about security, having an alarm and an immobiliser included as standard is good for the basic model, and the secure spare wheel is also a welcome addition.

The i30 achieved a five star rating for adult safety in the Euro NCAP tests, and comes with six airbags to keep driver and passengers safe. The inclusion of ABS, ESP and traction control does mean that the i30 is a very safe car to drive, and helps to ensure the stability on the road.

Value for Money

This is the category that will see most people drawn to the virtues of the i30, because a list price of £13,780 for a medium hatchback is truly exceptional value for money. This is particularly relevant when you consider that the i30 is not completely without luxury and features even in this entry level model.

The running costs are also quite attractive, and although the fuel performance of an average 46.3mpg is not leading the class, it is very good for a budget offering. The i30 also comes with the five year warranty and five year RAC breakdown cover, and the low insurance group means that this is a very attractive proposition for those who are looking for a mid-sized family hatchback on a budget.

Hyundai i30 1.4 Classic 5dr Pre-Model Car Review - by 
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