Citroen C1 1.0i VTR 5dr Car Review - March 2012

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List Price: £9,620
Tax Band: A
Insurance Group: 3
MPG: 65.7
CO2: 99
0-62 Mph: 12.3 secs
Range: 506 miles
CarSite Verdict:  3.5/5
Reasonably priced, efficient and cheap to run – the Citroen C1 1.0i VTR is a great city car which offers both environmental and economic benefits. Not only will drivers get plenty of miles to the gallon when it comes to fuel economy but carbon emissions are low and this equates to low road tax costs and low insurance premiums. Whilst interior features may be a little lacking buyers can choose to upgrade to the VTR+ models.

PROS:  Efficient, economical and stylish – this is a car which offers its owners a number of benefits all wrapped up in an attractive package.

CONS:  The interior lacks some of the luxuries drivers are likely to want and these means it doesn’t quite offer the comfort which is expected.

Behind the Wheel

The five speed petrol engine provides a maximum power output of 68 bhp at 6000 rpm with torque figures of 69 lb-ft at 3600 rpm. This helps to propel the car along to its top speed of 98 mph and is more than adequate for general city driving. Acceleration is a little slow with the car reaching 0-62 mph in 13.7 seconds. Despite this, the car handles itself well on the roads and copes with motorway driving amicably.

Grip is only modest on this car which otherwise benefits from decent handling and control over the road. There is little body sway during bends and the suspension does a good job of keeping discomfort caused by uneven road surfaces and potholes at bay.

The engine is highly efficient, achieving fuel efficiency of 62.8 mpg but is fairly noisy considering the size of the car and this can be a nuisance for some drivers. Wind and road noise is also audible, though not excessive, within the cabin.

Looks & Equipment

The stylish appearance of the C1 1.0i makes this model an attractive car but unfortunately in-car tech is not as extensive as some drivers may like.

Standard features include power steering, central locking, air conditioning, electric front windows, an immobiliser, an advanced stereo system with MP3 connectivity.

This means the model is missing some of the luxuries many drivers look for in vehicles such as built-in sat nav systems, Bluetooth connectivity, leather seats, rear parking sensors, electric door mirrors, alloy wheels, stability control and cruise control – none of which are even available on this model.

Even a simple alarm is not offered as an option and upgrading to a metallic paint finish will cost buyers an additional £420.

Practicality, Safety & Reliability

The C1 is fairly comfortable to drive with the interior cabin benefitting from a decent amount of space. Boot capacity is an average 139 litres with the seats in place and a much larger 751 litres when they are folded down – more than adequate for city use.

The arrangement of the dashboard is fairly logical and organised and this makes operating different controls easy for the driver. The quality of the build is high although some materials feel and look a little cheap which is a major disappointment.

The reliability of the car and the build is also high and there have been few complaints on the C1 range. Safety is also fairly high with driver and passenger airbags fitted as standard. Unfortunately, front side airbags are not offered with this model and the lack of alarm means that the car could be seen as vulnerable to thieves.

The car also receives a three year warranty for 60,000 miles and this helps to give owners the assurances they need over the reliability of their purchase.

Value for Money

Costing just £9,595 the affordability of this model is one of its best features. Not only does this price make the car affordable to the average driver but it is combined with low running costs to help provide an economical car which offers long term value.

Carbon emissions are low at just 103 g/km and this means the vehicle is placed under road tax band B – the second cheapest on the current scale. Achieving fuel efficiency of 62.8 mpg means refuelling will not be frequent or expensive and the vehicle is also classed under insurance bracket 3 meaning premiums will be very low.

With so many benefits on offer with a purchase price of under £10,000 the Citroen C1 1.0i is therefore a wise investment for families or city-dwellers looking for a small and stylish car which offers decent levels of performance alongside economic benefits which are virtually unrivalled.

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