Worst counties for potholes revealed | Industry - Car News Nov 2021

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11:41 Monday 29 Nov 2021

Cambridgeshire had the highest number of potholes last year, while Bolsover District Council had the fewest.

More than 64,000 potholes were recorded by Cambridgeshire County Council last year - almost 20,000 more than Derbyshire, which had the second highest at 45,217. 

The next five local authorities all had more 20,000 potholes: Herefordshire Council with 29,180; London Borough of Sutton with 28,318; Cornwall Council with 22,805; Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council with 21,815; and Oxfordshire County Council with 20,201.

Buckinghamshire Council (19,122), Doncaster Metrpolitan Borough Council (18,015) and Durham County Council (16,559) rounded out the top 10. 

Places with the fewest potholes

The freedom of information request by MoneySuperMarket also identified the local authorities with the fewest number of potholes last year. 

Bolsover District Council had just 29 potholes, while the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea had the second fewest with 35. London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham had 75, while the remainder of the top 10 all had more than 100. 

Although the figures do not take into account the geographical size of the local authorities they give an indication of the scale of the problem across the UK.

Sara Newell, car insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Potholes can be a real menace. Not only are they dangerous but they can also cause serious damage to your car, with wheels, suspension and even body work all at risk from some of the worst. 

“The cost of these repairs can be high, so make sure you have comprehensive car insurance and check the small print to see exactly what’s covered in the event of a claim, particularly if you live in an area where potholes are common and road surfaces are in a state of disrepair.”

Spending on pothole repairs

The FOI also looked how much local authorities have been spending on repairing potholes. 

Research by online marketplace heycar found that the cost of fixing a pothole can vary significantly between councils, from just £27 to £232. 

Wiltshire Council has spent the most on potholes since January 2017 (more than £68 million), compared to more than £10m by Cambridgeshire County Council and more than £8m by Derbyshire County Council over the same period.

The Government recently allocated £5 billion to road maintenance but the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) suggests “at least” an additional £1.5 billion per year from central Government sources on 2021 levels is needed to tackle the backlog and take preventative action. 

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