BMW i4 on sale now | New Release - Car News Oct 2021

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13:41 Friday 15 Oct 2021

It may be electric, but the BMW i4 upholds the company's reputation for fine driving dynamics.

From launch, you'll be able to buy it in 544PS M50 performance specification. The M50 has two electric motors – one each for the front and rear axle – making it four-wheel drive and allowing it to get from 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds and onto a top speed of 140mph. 

The four-wheel-drive juggles power to whichever wheel has the most grip quicker than a mechanical system ever could, and the M50 also comes with adjustable dampers fitted as standard. They mean you can choose from a soft and comfortable ride or a firmer setting that give you more control in corners. 

Selecting Sport on the car's Drive Select engages the M50's Sport Boost mode, which releases the car's full power and 795Nm of torque for ten-second bursts of acceleration. Giving you plenty of overtaking power without chewing through the battery. 

Regenerative brakes also help preserve the battery. The brakes top-up the battery using power collected when the car's slowed. As a result, the M50 has a range of 320 miles.

Prefer range over performance? Then you'll want the 340PS eDrive40 rear-wheel-drive model, which has a range of 370 miles and get from 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds. It has a top speed of 118mph. Both versions of the i4 can tow up to 1600kg

Charging speeds of up to 205kWh mean it takes 10 minutes to add 100 miles worth of charge to the i4 using a public charger. You'll need 8.5 hours to give the i4 a full battery using an 11kWh home charger.

Outside, the BMW i4 is shaped to get you as far as possible on a single charge. Its flush grille, coupe-style roofline, flat floor and rear diffuser help it cut through the air. You can also have it with aerodynamic wheels with plastics inserts that add 6 miles to the range or choose from conventional 17, 18 and 20-inch alloy wheels.

The interior is more like a petrol BMW saloon. The i4's huge infotainment screen – actually composed of a 12.3 and 14.9-inch display under a single pane of glass – is the most obvious sign you're not in a petrol BMW.

The screen has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto fitted as standard, and it can navigate journies taking account of charger speeds along your route. Like any BMW, it points towards you in the driver's seat and around the screen you'll find high-quality materials and a layered design.

The i4 is similar in size to a 3 Series saloon, but its compact electric motors mean that more of its length can be devoted to passenger space. As a result, the i4 has significantly more knee room for front and back-seat passengers than a 3 Series, and it has five full-sized seats. You also get a 470-litre boot with a hatchback-style lid that makes loading easier. 


Fancy the sound of all that? The BMW i4 is on sale now, with first deliveries expected towards the start of next year.

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