Suzuki Car Reviews

Suzuki is a Japanese automobile company manufacturing motorcycles, small family cars and 4X4 vehicles and is Japan’s fourth largest automobile manufacturer after Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

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Suzuki Car Reviews

Suzuki Overview

Brief History

The Suzuki brand began in 1909 as a Looming company founded by Michio Suzuki. Whilst the looms were successful for a good 30 years, Suzuki decided that it would be beneficial to expand and form a motor company. Thus in 1937, Michio Suzuki began building a small car. Within 2 years Suzuki had built a number of family aimed concept cars.

The Second World War meant Suzuki had to stop producing civilian cars, as they were seen by the government as a non-essential commodity. When the war came to a close, Suzuki turned back to the cotton industry however the success that came from this was short lived as the cotton market collapsed soon after in 1951.

There was however a very demanding market for affordable, reliable personal transportation. Suzuki then began focusing on an easy to maintain peoples motorbike.

By 1955, after the success of the motorcycles, Suzuki produced the Suzuki Suzulight which was a lightweight car boasting many innovative features such as front-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension, and rack-and-pinion steering.

Model Range

Since Suzuki’s success with the Suzuki Suzulight they have continued to produce cars. In more recent years models include the Grand Vitara, Ignis, Jimny, Swift, Splash, and SX4.

Suzuki Splash

The Suzuki Splash is a small family car which was first produced in 2008 after development work between Suzuki Motor Corporation and Vauxhall.  It is a 5-door hatchback built to replace the Wagon R and comes with choice of three engines; a 3-cylinder 1.0 litre, a 4 cylinder 1.2 litre and a 4-cylinder version of the diesel engine used in the Fiat Multijet.

Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto is a City Hatchback which has been produced since 1979. Well known for its low price and good fuel economy, it is very popular amongst first time buyers. 2009 saw the production of the 7th generation of Suzuki Altos, it is a 5 door hatchback with a 658cc petrol engine.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

First released in 1999, the Grand Vitara is a Medium 4X4 that has been in production since 1988. It was preceded by the Vitara and the Sidekick. The Grand Vitara comes in three generations and depending on the generation can be purchased as a 2 door 4X4, a 2 door convertible, a 3 door 4X4, a 3 door convertible or a 5 door 4x4.

Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny is a small 4X4. Designed to replace the Samurai, it comes in two body styles, two door SUV and convertible models. First produced in 1998, many different engine sizes have been produced for the Jimny.

Suzuki Swift

The Swift is a small car. It saw its first production in 1984 as the Suzuki Cultas. Since then it has undergone many revisions in body style and mechanics. The third Generation Swift has been produced since 2010 and has a 5-door hatchback body style.

Suzuki Kizashi

The Suzuki Kizashi is a large family saloon. It was introduced in the USA in 2009 and made its way to British shores in 2012. It is available with just one engine: a 2.4-litre petrol unit mated to a CVT gearbox.

Suzuki Wagon R

The Wagon R is a small MPV which has been in production since 1993. A certified Kei-car, it uses unique dimensions to maximize cabin space but still remain within the dimension regulations. The “R” stands for recreation. It is not the most stylish car, but is certainly practical managing to be small on the outside, but big on the inside.

Suzuki SX4

The SX4 is a medium family car which was put into production in 2006 replacing the Aerio. The SX4 originally came in one body style, a five door hatchback; it now is available in saloon form as well. The SX4 also boasts a wide range of engine choices including both diesel and petrol variants.

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