Mini Countryman Car Reviews

The Countryman is a small crossover 4x4. It is the first 4x4 launched under the Mini brand and was made available for the 2011 model year. It is also the first 5-door vehicle offered by Mini, and has more space than the Clubman. Available as a One, Cooper or Cooper S, the model comes with a range of engines both petrol and diesel and sports a 6-speed transmission.

Price Range: £-1 - £-1
Insurance Groups: N/A - N/A
MPG Range: N/A - N/A
Score: 4/5
Good selection of engines
Stylish exterior
Boot could be bigger
A little pricier than rivals
Noise can be instrusive

Latest Mini Countryman Car Reviews:

Mini Countryman Cooper SD 5dr - March 2012
The Mini Countryman is a car that is trying to combine the fun and exciting drive of the MINI hatchback with the practicality of a larger vehicle, and it is much more suitable for a family than the...
Mini Countryman Cooper SD Auto 5dr - March 2012
For those looking for a stylish and unique vehicle which delivers a great combination of style, performance and economic value, the Mini Countryman Cooper SDAuto is a great option. The range of ben...
Mini Countryman Cooper SD ALL4 Auto 5dr - March 2012
For those looking for a stylish and unique vehicle which offers better all-terrain capability, the Mini Countryman Cooper SD ALL4 Auto is a great option. Whilst the handling still lacks something i...
Mini Countryman One 5dr - January 2012
Riding higher, with four doors and a real usable boot, the MINI Countryman One is no regular MINI. It comes in a four or five-seater version, and the rear seats have forward and backward adjustment...
Mini Countryman One Auto 5dr - March 2012
For those looking for a stylish and unique vehicle, the Mini Countryman One Auto 5dr could be a great option. However, those who want a combination of performance and efficiency would be better off...

Mini Countryman Overview

Inside the cabin, the Mini Countryman is equipped with a well-designed, stylish interior typical of the Mini brand. It provides a comfortable, elevated driving position and makes for a good family vehicle with space for five people.

A very practical and versatile car, the Countryman is able to cope with some rugged terrain that other Minis would struggle with. In addition, it received a 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating in 2010.
A little pricier than some of its rivals, the Mini Countryman will repay the buyer with very good residual values.


The Mini Countryman was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010 and made available in September that year.

The car is available with a 1.6 litre engine, petrol or diesel, and a 2.0 litre diesel engine. The transmission is 6-speed, automatic or manual. It is a 5-door that is blessed with more interior space than the Clubman and is higher off the ground.

The company announced in 2010 that the Countryman would enter the World Rally Championship. The Mini Countryman WRC was tested in 2011 and ready to race for the 2012 calendar year.


The Mini Countryman is a crossover 4x4 that sports a stylish exterior with the cabin to match, and serves well as a small family vehicle.

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