Chrysler Car Reviews

Chrysler is a long established US manufacturer, continuing to branch into foreign markets following previous offerings such as the 300C, PT Cruiser and Crossfire.

Chrysler Car Reviews

Chrysler Overview

Brief History

With the remaining assets of the Maxwell Motor Company, Walter P. Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corporation on June 6, 1925. The stringent testing and advanced engineering pushed sales forwards, and the company grew.

In 1928 Chrysler began to divide the vehicles it offered depending mostly on price, but also function. They introduced Plymouth for the lower end of the market, and DeSoto as a medium price offering. In the same year they also purchased Dodge, aiming their products to similar customers as the DeSoto brand.

Over the years a number of other brands have come under control of Chrysler, a number of which were recognised in the UK, such as Sunbeam, Singer and Hillman, but have since been discontinued. In 1994 Chrysler acquired Jeep before merging with Daimler-Benz in 1998, to form DaimlerChrysler AG.

The merger was originally considered a 50-50 partnership, however, following the retirement of Chrysler Chairman Bob Eaton, Daimler took majority control.  In 2007, 80% of the Chrysler group was sold to Cerberus, with Daimler giving up their remaining 20% in 2009. 

Model Range


The 300C is an executive car produced by Chrysler since 2004. Currently in its second generation, the 300C is a rebadged Lancia Thema and offers a good amount of interior space and an impressive amount of standard kit.

Grand Voyager

The Grand Voyager is a large MPV, with plenty of space for 7. It’s innovative ‘Stow ‘n Go’ seating allows the rear seats to be folded flat, making plenty of room for large loads, whilst there is storage capacity beneath the seats when they are in use. It comes with a 2.8 litre diesel engine providing over 30mpg combined.


The Chrysler Delta, designed by Lancia, is marketed as the Lancia Delta elsewhere in Europe, as a revival of the famous rallying name. It is a large family hatchback, available with a choice of two different diesel, and three petrol engines. It is one of the roomiest in its class, with sliding and reclining rear seats, a very different feature, allowing utilisation of some extra space when the boot is empty.


The Lancia Ypsilon, or Chrysler Ypsilon as it is called in the UK and Ireland, is a small family, 5-door hatchback. It is the 3rd generation of the model, based on the Fiat Mini Platform, which is used for city cars and small hatchbacks. There is a choice of three engines, a 0.9 litre or 1.2 litre petrol, or a 1.3 litre diesel.

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