BMW 7 Series Car Reviews

BMW’s 7 Series has a unique style. Now in its fifth generation, this luxury car is offered with a number of with high- tech engines, excellent handling, and a high level of standard equipment. Despite the car’s many critics the BMW’s 7 Series is a leader amongst its class.

Price Range: £-1 - £-1
Insurance Groups: N/A - N/A
MPG Range: N/A - N/A
Score: 5/5
Acres of space
Well equipped
Luxurious interior
Ride quality could be better
Rapid depreciation
Pricey to run

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BMW 7 Series Overview

BMW can proudly boast that this car delivers the ultimate driving experience. Powerful diesel and petrol engines are the backbone of BMW’s commitment to outperforming other competitors in any class. The BMW 7 Series is actually a fairly sporty car given its size. The company’s attention to detail and improvements in standard equipment levels have improved the way the car drives and feels, making it even more appealing to buyers. The diesel variants still provide powerful acceleration whilst being more economical on fuel than you may expect, and are some of the best in the luxury market.

The spacious and stylish interior provides plenty of comfort, even on longer trips. Although the standard model is by no means compact, there is a longer wheel-base variant for those requiring additional space inside. There are quieter luxury saloons on the market, but this is by no means a noisy car. It is packed with gadgets, as are all generations of the 7 Series, which provide a platform for BMW to develop their cutting edge technology before passing it down to the 5, and then 3, Series.


The 7 Series is BMW’s flagship model, first introduced in 1977. The first generation was very advanced for its time, featuring complex climate control and service indicators to warn for any faults. This generation was in production for 10 years, with a styling update in 1983, which mainly focused on the front of the car.

In 1986, a second generation was launched. Again it featured technical innovations, aimed at the top end of the luxury market, such as an integrated phone and fax machine, wine cooler, etc. In addition, the second generation was also available as a long-wheelbase model, positioning itself as more of a limousine style vehicle.

1994 saw the introduction of the third generation, and the first diesel engine available in the series, although only for European markets. Again it boasted a host of high tech extras, which were at the cutting edge of innovation, and was available in both the standard and long-wheelbases (as are all subsequent generations). It achieved notoriety with appearances in a number of films, such as the Transporter and Tomorrow Never Dies, before it was replaced in 2002.

The fourth generation pushed out the manual gearbox, and was only made available as an automatic (as is the fifth generation which succeeded it in 2009). It featured radical styling, and a complex iDrive system, which initially made it unpopular with consumers, although it did go on to become the best-selling generation of the series. The newest iteration of the 7 Series, introduced in 2009, is an evolution of the radical design of the previous generation.


The 7 Series is a luxury saloon that is at the cutting edge of technological innovation and design. It is BMW’s flagship vehicle, where many of the technological advancements are first put into production, before being passed down to other vehicles in the range. This car offers comfort and prestige, while the long-wheelbase model is an ideal chauffeur driven vehicle.

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