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09:36 Thursday 20 Apr 2017

Road safety charity TyreSafe has called upon motorists to make thorough checks before returning vehicles to the road after winter storage.

Caravans, classic cars, horseboxes, motorhomes are amongst the vehicles emerging from storage with the onset of warmer weather, and the charity is calling on people to make proper tyre checks before hitting the road.

Correct pressure, tread depth, and general condition of tyres are all vital to safety, and should be thoroughly checked after a period of storage.

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said: “There are a number of factors that can affect tyres stored on vehicles for several months, even if they are in a garage over winter. Tyres deteriorate with age as well as with mileage, and uneven weight distribution in use and during storage can lead to uneven tyre wear. Tyres will deteriorate faster if they’re stored outdoors, especially in direct sunlight. All of these circumstances can lead to unsafe tyres, which is why checks are so important at the start of the season and monthly throughout it.”


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