Used Smart City-Cabriolet Average Prices & Average Mileages

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Based on the cars for sale on we can provide the average price for used Smart City-Cabriolet cars for sale based on year of registration.

This will give you an idea of the prices you should expect for a used Smart City-Cabriolet.  Of course, you will need to take into account a number of factors that can dramatically affect the price, including: Mileage, Condition, Service History, Colour, Options, Location, Exact Specification, etc.

So although the Smart City-Cabriolet buyer's guide shows the average price and average mileage, it should be taken as a starting point, rather than an exact indicator of the price you should expect to pay for a specifc used Smart City-Cabriolet. It's a useful guide to used Smart City-Cabriolet values.

2005 Smart City-Cabriolet Price Guide

Body Style Average Price Average Mileage Total Adverts  
Convertible£2,290 46,000 1
All£2,290 46,000 1 View All Used 2005 Smart City-Cabriolet For Sale

Used Smart City-Cabriolet Cars

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