Morgan Car Reviews

Morgan Motor Company was founded by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, in Worcestershire, England in 1910. Charles Morgan currently runs the company that was founded by his grandfather.

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Morgan Car Reviews

Morgan Overview

Brief History

Morgan Motoring company began when Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (known as H.F.S.) created three-wheeled vehicles with motorcycle engines that were subsequently referred to as 'cyclecars'.

Morgan's reputation was built on the iconic status that was gained by the 'cyclecars', as well as on the strength of their competition winning racing cars.

Over the last 100 years or so, Morgan have continued to build sought-after light-weight cars with sporty performance. Morgan has remained a family run business, with Peter Morgan taking over from his father Henry, after his death in 1959, and now Charles Morgan (Peter's son, Henry's grandson) is running the company, and he has done since a few years before his father passed in 2003.

Model Range

Plus 4

Morgan's most popular model is the Plus 4, due to its classic British sports car values and its four cylinder engine. The Plus 4 is a convertible model with an easily operated convertible roof.


Morgan's 4/4 is another convertible offering with all the sporty perfomance and charm of a classic Morgan, but with up to date technical specs that ensure low CO2 emissions and fuel economy, for a car in its class.


The latest incarnation of the Roadster has a 6 cylinder Ford Cyclone engine and a power to weight ratio of around 300bhp per tonne. The new Roadster high performance and low emissions for a fast sports car. There is even a stop watch to measure your lap time.

Plus 8

The Plus 8 manages to combine classic looks with thoroughly modern performance. You get a BMW V8 engine under the bonnet and a well-sorted chassis. Makes a nice noise too.


The Aero is an insane car. It's blisteringly fast, drop-dead gorgeous, and pricey enough to make even the wealthiest petrolhead think twice. There are better cars around, but buy an Aero and you'll absolutely adore it.

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