Infiniti Car Reviews

Infiniti is part of Nissan. Outside the Japanese market, Nissan uses Infiniti as the brand for its range of premium cars. Infiniti focuses on powerful and sporty luxury cars.

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Infiniti Car Reviews

Infiniti Overview

Brief History

The Infiniti brand was first introduced in 1989, in the US. Devised by Nissan, it was to appeal to a more executive market than their more mainstream vehicles were able to do. At the time there were restrictions by the Japanese government on exports to the US, so it was more profitable to sell premium cars. Both, Honda and Toyota took a similar approach developing Acura and Lexus respectively. 

In the early 2000’s with sales struggling and Japanese companies feeling the effects of the 1990s banking crisis, Infiniti almost faced extinction. Nissan introduced models that were already considered luxury in their home market to the Infiniti brand, such as the Skyline based G35 in 2003. Following this success of the G35 the FX 35 crossover was released, reinforcing Infiniti’s intention to produce a range of powerful, sporty luxury cars.

Model Range


The G37 is a large executive car. The G Series is now in its 4th generation and was based on the Nissan Primera in the 1st and 2nd generation. Now available as a saloon, coupe or convertible, all of which have a 3.7 litre V6 petrol engine, the G37 gives real individuality to those who can afford it, since it is very rare to see another Infiniti in the UK.


The EX is a large family car available with a range of engine sizes. It is a crossover 4x4 that’s well refined, with engine noise not being a concern, and a luxurious looking interior that is finished in the highest quality materials.


This large 4x4 is one of the more luxurious on the market. It crossover design subtly blends a hefty 4x4 lower body, with a sleek, shapely upper profile reminiscent of a stylish sports car. The second generation model is available with a 3.7 or 5.0 litre petrol engine or a 3.0 litre diesel. It also received a 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating.


The M is a large executive saloon from the Infiniti brand. The M name was first used for a luxury Nissan produced in the 1980s, renamed the Nissan Leopard, which contributed to the design of the first generation Infiniti M. Beginning in 1990, the M is now in its fourth generation. The new design is more sleek and curvy than previous models, and stands out from the crowd. It is available with the same engine options as the FX.

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