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Use the searches below to find all the information you need on any make and model, whether it is for a used car or a new car. The information we have in our databases includes Euro NCAP Safety, BHP, Prices, MPG, Tax Bands, Insurance Groups and - of course - we have Photos and even Videos of the cars for you to view.

Used Car Fuel Economy Data

Fuel Economy MPG Figures

Compare the fuel economy of the car you want with others in its class with the Urban, Extra Urban and combined MPG figures. also provides the range figures for each model - showing how far you can expect to travel on a single tank of fuel.

Used Car Insurance Group Data

Insurance Groupings

A significant part of a new car cost is the annual insurance premium. Find the insurance group for a car model to give you an indication of the potential insurance costs associated with it.

Used Car CO2 and Road Tax Data

CO2 Emissions and Road Tax Bands

Want to know what the CO2 emissions are for any car? We have all the figures that show the CO2 emissions for every model in g/km. The CO2 emissions dictate the Road Tax Band (VED Band) for each model, and this determines how much you pay each year for your car's road tax.

Used Car NCAP Safety Data

Road Safety Ratings

NCAP provides safety ratings for most new cars, helping you make the right decision for you and your family.

Used Car Performance Data

Performance Figures

Want to know the performance figures for a particular car? Top speed (MPH), 0-62mph times, power and torque figures (in BHP, PS and Nm).

Used Car Standard and Optional Equipment Data

Standard and Optional Equipment Lists

Power steering, central locking, air-con, cruise control, metallic paint. Are these items standard equipment or options on your car?

Used Car Weights and Dimensions Data

Weights & Dimensions

Weights and dimensions for all models, including unladen weight, maximum towing weight, length, width and height, boot space, etc.

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Used Car MPG Ratings
Used Car MPG Ratings
New and Used Car Insurance Groups
New and Used Car Insurance Groups
Used Car NCAP Safety Ratings
Used Car MPG Ratings
New and Used Car Road Tax Data
New and Used Car Road Tax Data

Used Car Price Guides

Used Car Price Guides
Used Car Price Guides